A few months ago I was playing World of Warcraft — as is my wont — and was mindlessly listing gemstones in the auction house. Though I usually try to ignore the in-game chat channels, I couldn’t help but notice one shaman asking for help with his gear. Now, if you’ve ever been on…


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Daul Kim by Kim Jung Han for Vogue Girl Korea (2006)

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Pendragons by TheArtoftheMask


"Let Me In" is a parody/mash-up of sorts that I(Megan Lara) created— I based it exactly on Mucha’s art nouveau pieces “The Cowslip" and "The Feather,” which I quite often see as a diptych.  I have several different versions of this available as prints and things!  I packed a ton of references into these pieces, some more subtle than others. :)  I hope you enjoy it!  I had a blast creating it.  

The original version, with the exact layout based on Mucha’s pieces, can be found as a print on Redbubble.  

The cropped version, which I think frames better than the original version, can be found on Society6 (currently has a promo for $5 off each item and free shipping!) as a print, mug, pillow, tote bag, etc!  

The version I created for t-shirts (in order to get rid of the boxy design, I used several of Mucha’s flourishes to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and added text) is available as a shirt on Society6 ($5 off plus free shipping atm—also available on things other than shirts), Design By Humans and Redbubble (kid’s clothes available on Redbubble and Society6 btw!)

AND finally, signed prints available in my Etsy store. :)


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This little guy needed a break mid-walk

This little guy needed a break mid-walk

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Earl Ingstad? Earl Ingstad! You bear a strong resemblance to my ex-wife.

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fuck yeah! fashion! | moschino fall 2007 rtw

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